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Our Story

Home bakers don't bake just because they love it.  We do it because we love the people who enjoy our baking and for us, that means baking is all about family.  

We are a small, family-run business. In fact, we are a husband and wife team, Chris and Becca, and we have a son, Elliott. We met in 2004 and so some of our recipes have been more than ten years in the making.  Chris has food intolerances and allergies which means that he needs to avoid wheat, gluten, eggs and dairy.  Over the years we have had cakesplosions and caketastrophies.  Cake-rocks and cake-puddles.  The experience of baking without wheat, gluten, eggs or dairy has been fun, educational and at times, heart-breaking.  

What we have ended up with are delicious bakes that are reliable, delicious and equal to their wheat, egg and dairy filled counterparts.  Most importantly, they are truly from the heart.  

These cakes and cookies are the same recipes that have been gracing our table at every family

birthday and holiday.  It is our pleasure and joy to share them with you and make you a part

of our GlutenFreegan family. 

Family has been involved in this business in virtually every aspect from product development (they

did eat an awful lot of cake to support the cause) to moral support.  Our family is so involved

that our talented sister Anna provided the graphic design and our dad is responsible for all the

wonderful food photos.

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GlutenFreegan.  From our heart to your home.