Gluten-free, vegan-friendly baking. From our heart to your home.

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Hello and welcome to GlutenFreegan

Your source for the highest quality and easy to use baking mixes.  Naturally gluten-free and vegan, our products are always free of wheat, gluten, dairy and eggs.  From our heart to your home.

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Fresh berries are absolutely loving all this sunshine we've had so far this summer, and so are we! Use blueberries or any berries you'd like to create a classic upside-down cake with moist fluffy vanilla cake and naturally sweet, jammy fruit on top. Using our vanilla cake mix and our recipe for blueberry upside-down cake, it couldn't be simpler to make this at home. It's a marvelous way to take full advantage of nature's best seasonal offer. Enjoy!

Make living with allergies a piece of cake!
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Vanilla cake Mix

Classic and beautiful, our vanilla cake rises to any occasion. It works as butterfly buns for children's parties or elegant layers of wedding cake. Order our vanilla cake mix today.

From our heart to your home.

Founded and run by a family with food intolerances, allergies and coeliac disease, GlutenFreegan is dedicated to providing easy bakes that are safe, reliable and delicious. Learn more about us.